Meet Dr. Sophie Lorn

Hi there, my name is Dr. Sophie Lorn Clifford ND, founder of LiveWHOLE, epigenetics nerd, and one half of a wife-husband real estate investing company that we’ve built into a multiple 8 figure business.

I guide busy, successful people to live their peak state of optimal health, longevity, and resilience. So you can focus on your superpowers and achieve everything you want out of life.

And do it without being held back by disease, fatigue, pain, or being one of the 93% of high performers that are NOT ‘thriving’ (according to Gallup Research)

My mission is to get you to the 7% who thrives.

To achieve it, I went about creating LiveWHOLE Wellness and my THRIVE program to leverage the advanced health technology and research in…

  • lifestyle genetics
  • cellular detoxification
  • customized nutrition protocols
  • and advanced biohacking solutions

… that allow you to excel and create sustainable health transformations for life.

All around me, I saw a medical system only covering up disease instead of solving it.

I couldn’t stand by while seeing all these advances here and ready to revolutionize our health and performance… just be ignored. Even be sidelined by insurance companies.

All while hearing the CDC report in 2021 that 7 of the 10 leading causes of death are chronic illnesses which are costly and more importantly, PREVENTABLE.

Coming from a naturopathic medical background for over 10 years, I already knew the power of natural approaches and simple lifestyle changes could make. An approach that looked beyond the symptoms and really took the time to dig into the root causes to treat it at the source.

But combining this with all that advanced technology and research…

I was amazed to see how it accelerated and amplified the results I was getting for my clients multiple times over.

Being able to target the source of disease, chronic conditions, fatigue and pain, all with precision – that was incredible. Not only to treat and reverse the problems my clients were facing, but to prevent them so they can live long, healthy, vital lives.

As a real estate investor and entrepreneur myself, I saw what sub-optimal health did to performance, focus, and achieving our goals. How it can rob us of showing up with our full selves. And how that can ripple throughout our endeavors and organizations.

I didn’t want any of my fellow entrepreneurs, investors, and high performers to go through that anymore.

To feel less than themselves, and perform less than they are capable of.

Sometimes they don’t even realize how young they can feel until we optimize their health from a complete LiveWHOLE approach.

Aging is no excuse for having to live with slipping health, increased fatigue and pain, and deteriorating focus and happiness.

So I went form a general naturopathic doctor, to developing the LiveWHOLE Thrive integrated health model. Bringing everything together into one concierge, optimal health system.

To your Wholeness & Limitless Potential,

Dr. Sophie

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“Sophie is extremely patient, kind, an expert on hormones and holistic wellness. She recommended a DUTCH TEST for me knowing my hormones were off but I couldn’t pinpoint the cause. She extensively discussed my report and explained what I was deficient in. It confirmed my instincts and I am on my way to balanced health.”

- Essential Anne, from Google

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